Our Services

Lien Management

  • Lien Registration - the submission of a lien to the specified provincial or territorial registry.
  • Debtor Notification - some jurisdictions require the debtor receive a notice upon filing of the lien. We include this service as an option within our automated workflow.
  • Lien Amendments - if changes need to be applied to the lien during its lifetime an amendment needs to be filed to the registry. Any subsequent registry searches on the debtor or the asset will reflect the updated information contained in the amendment.
  • Lien Renewals - lien renewals simply extend the effective lifetime of the lien.
  • Lien Discharges - also referred to as releases. When the debtor has fulfilled his obligation, it is mandated that the party whose interests were being protected by the lien remove the lien in a timely manner

Registry Searches

  • Lien Searches - searching the specified provincial or territorial registry for any currently active liens. Searches may be done searching for a specific piece of serialized collateral, or by debtor name.
  • Corporate Verification - searching corporate registries to ensure the corporation is registered, and active.
  • Corporate Report - full corporate registry report with directors lists, etc.
  • Secured Party Notices - a notice alerting other secured parties that there is some claim against the collateral assets identified in a specific lien filing.